Our Team

Lisa Orloff


Lisa Orloff is a not-for-profit entrepreneur and President of Resiliency Advisors, LLC and founder of World Cares Center, an organization that rose from the 9-11-2001 relief effort which trains citizens to be safe and effective disaster volunteers. Throughout her career, Orloff has developed methods to address natural & societal disaster response challenges and equip community leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead their constituents in times of crisis.

Ms. Orloff provides strategic vision and leadership for numerous organizations in their development.  A Professor at Pratt Institute Orloff delivers Leading and Managing Communities in Disaster Response from the curriculum she developed for the Institutes’ Facility Management Program.  As an adjunct speaker with Long Island University’s United Nations program, Orloff delivers “From Passion to Purpose”, a curriculum she developed for aspiring not- for-profit founders.

Ms. Orloff has managed community volunteers and supported official responders during the 9-11 relief effort, Hurricane Katrina, and the Haiti Earthquake of 2010, Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy.  She has developed and built working partnerships with Offices of Emergency Management, Citizen Corp, CERT, the American Red Cross, Police Departments and the military, including the Department of Defense and international entities of the UN cluster groups. Ms. Orloff has served as a liaison between community volunteers and government agencies, most notably FEMA and OEM, working together on community-focused long-term recovery initiatives since September 11, 2001

Ms. Orloff has gathered the experiences and expertise of her fellow seasoned responders in the field and academia, and has been called upon as a subject matter expert by DHS, DARPA, DOD, J9, and emergency management agencies around the nation and world. Lisa Orloff is considered to be the subject matter expert on spontaneous community volunteer management.

Ms. Orloff is a representative member of NYC-VOAD, International Association of Emergency Managers, MyGoodDeed (Founding Board Member), The National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue, NOVA’s National Community Crisis Response Team, WTC Health Registry, Bergen County Community College’s Academic Steering Committee (Advisory Board Member), NJIT Business Emergency Operations Center, the UN WHO Mental Health Committee, and the Department of Public Information of the UN.

Ms. Orloff is a graduate of the Institute for Not-for-Profit Management’s Executive Level Program at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business. Her certifications include NOVA’s Advanced Community Crisis Response Team training and Interfaith Disaster Chaplain Training. She is a recipient of the Mayor’s Voluntary Action Award for her service during 9/11, Letter of Appreciation from the Department of Defense, U.S. Joint Forces Command for her support providing insight and analysis on homeland defense for joint experimentation, and Letter of Accommodation from the State of New Jersey Division of State Police and Office or Emergency Management for her leadership and coordination of cleanup operations and duties for those flood victims of Hurricane Irene. She is the author of a field guide on spontaneous volunteer management entitled Managing Spontaneous Community Volunteers in Disasters: A Field Manual (CRC press, 2011). Ms. Orloff has been a guest lecturer at numerous universities including the Harvard School of Public Health.

Currently Ms. Orloff is developing a global platform facilitating cross sector support during crisis response with a focus on a common foundation of management protocols.  Partners include nongovernmental organizations in Japan and Sri Lanka.

John Trottman


John Trottman grew up on Northern Virginia just outside of Washington, D.C.  When he was 16 he joined the local volunteer fire department and rose through the ranks of Assistant Chief.  In 1995, John was hired as a federal fire fighter in Warrenton Virginia.  In 2000, he became a fire fighter at Fort Meade, Md.

In March, 2001, the Army implemented a program in the National Capital Region to create Critical Incident Stress Management Teams that would respond to incidents on military installations.  John received training in Community Crisis Response, Critical Incident Stress Management, Suicide Intervention, Peer Support, Line of Duty Deaths, and Mental Health Response to WMD Incidents.  John joined the National Organization for Victims Assistance (NOVA) and participated in several crisis responses in the D.C. metropolitan area following 9-11.  Additionally, he responded to Florida after Hurricane Francis and remained there during Hurricane Jean.  He also responded to the Mississippi Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina, where he served as regional coordinator for NOVA’s crisis response teams.

In March, 2002, John met Lisa Orloff and offered his assistance to September Space, a community center for first responders, victims, and survivors of 9-11.  He participated in numerous activities and events with the organization as a crisis counselor.  As September Space evolved into World Cares Center (WCC), John took on a more advisory role and helped develop and evaluate WCC’s Leading and Managing Volunteers in a Disaster program.  John has co-facilitated this program across the United States and internationally to CERT teams, emergency responders, and OEM managers.

John currently serves as a Captain in the Fort Meade Fire and Emergency Services Fire Prevention Division.  He is nationally certified as a Fire Protection Specialist, Fire Officer IV, and Fire Instructor III.  He has an Associates of Sciences degree in Fire Science Administration. 

Ana Raynes


Ana Maria Raynes

Director Social Media

Ana has a unique talent for following social trends and introducing new online marketing concepts After studying at the London College of Fashion, her creativity and energy led her to an executive position in the internet fashion startup Smart Is Cool. There, Ana was responsible for social media and information technology. As a leader within this innovative company, she was featured in Glamour Magazine, had multiple appearances on FOX Strategy Room, and toured the east coast as a motivational speaker for girls, alongside the nonprofit Girl’s Take Charge. Following her position with Smart Is Cool, she has worked in the social media field with agencies in both the New York and Boston, leading social media campaigns for clients such as HSN, Wendy Williams, Football Legend Carl Banks, iHip for Snooki,  SkyMall and more.

As the director of social media at Didit. Ana led strategic planning for clients’ social media campaigns, content marketing and developing blogger. As a thought leader in her field Ana has been invited to speak at conferences such as PPC HERO, NY Small Business Expo, NY EXPO, Long Island Philanthropy Day, TEC Lite and Vistage on behalf of Didit around the subjects of Social Media and content marketing. Most recently Ana received the Iconic Social Media Award from PR News and was featured in a three part series Money Market series on FIOS.


Matthew Begert

Matthew Begert

 Operations Analyst and Imagineer

Matt has experience as an Operations Analyst as well as experience in Security Research and Implementation. 

Matt has work for  the AeroSpace Corporation with the application of space technology to other industries and activities. Includes Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles and the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center. With more than 25 year in the United States Marine Corp Matt bring together his experience in high level exercises, field experience, planning and execution. All this is balance with is commitment to the study and practice of Yoga.