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Fostering Social Good


The term Social Good refers to goods, services or programs that benefit the largest number of people in the largest possible way including disaster aid, access to services such as healthcare, anti-abuse programs, and programs that serve under-served communities. Resiliency Advisors assists companies, organizations and governments in the development or fortification of plans, team development and training. Our projects have ranged in size from a corporate response team to a citywide initiative.



  • Half or Full Day Consultation
  • Customized Social Good Think Tank, Resiliency Advisors will bring together the right people and organizations to help you meet your Social Good goals.
  • Social Good Outreach Campaigns
  • Social Good Project Development
  • Social Good Project     
  • Implementation Support: Getting your project off the ground? Our team of field tested experts are available to help make your initiatives a success. 


From disaster volunteer safety and management training for your team to developing Volunteer Reception Centers for your community, city or county, RA has training that meet both individual staffing needs as well as city initiatives.

Disaster Management Support

Our team has trained thousands of capable and committed volunteers to fill leadership roles in times of crisis. Managing a team is a critical responsibility, one which requires the best qualities of a disaster volunteer, including empathy, focus, and grounded leadership. We are proud to have worked with some of the most talented and generous leaders from around the world. From Haiti to Japan and back to NYC with a few stops on the way we are better for having worked shoulder to shoulder helping our communities recover and become more resilient in the process.

Subject Matter Expertise

Disasters and Emergencies pose life threatening risks to the first responder community. Our team has worked with subject matter experts from around the globe including The National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences, Rutgers University, NYCOSH, and SAHMSA to develop training that keeps our first responder and volunteer teams safe from harm, equipped with the knowledge on how to avoid hazards and mitigate their impact when contact is inevitable.


 Leadership is the key to any crisis response and the tool of successful leaders is a plan. Our team has worked with local governments, fellow UN Cluster partners, and corporate partners to develop comprehensive, culturally relevant response plans. Our focus is on the integration of all possible resources to develop a holistic, community focused initiative