We Take it Personally

When Resiliency Advisors enters into an agreement to provide support in developing of a client’s disaster management and response plan, they take the success of that program personally.


Our team works on the ground in disaster response and knows that the lack of planning means the loss of lives.

We have seen the success of a well-developed plan and communities that work together and nothing, nothing, is more gratifying.

Our Commitment

Step by Step Check In

You will see in our customized agenda that the RA team ensures the direction we are taking and the plan we are developing together is on track and meets your needs. It will be critical to the success of our work together for you to assign a team leader who will ensure timely feedback and that this is organizational buy-in.

Going the Extra Mile

Knowing that organizations have limited time and staff to dedicate to disaster planning the RA team goes the extra mile.

From scribing all the conversations and capturing important discussions to creating resource lists and providing geographically focused research, these important details are culminated into a customized disaster response plan for your geographic area, organization, and constituents.

Lifetime Partners

Our work does not stop when your plan is written. 

Training your constituents once your plan is complete is key to a holistic approach to a resilient community.
RA supports World Cares Center and its mission to ensure that disaster volunteers remain safe from harm while helping others.
World Cares Center provides volunteer safety training in the classroom free of charge in the greater New York area as well as free online training.